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We are not a phishing site!!!!!!

Posted on: June 15, 2007

We think MySpace is (wrongly and randomly) marking less than 1 out of 10 of our CoolChaser users as being phished.

Such users have gotten this message after trying out the auto insert.

You have been phised

We are not 100% sure if our auto insert is causing this message or if MySpace is under heavy phishing attack right now. If it were us, it should happen to all of our users.. but why less than 1 out of 10?? Is MySpace tweaking with their algorithm and doing it randomly??

Well, we took this issue seriously and thought of shutting down the site for now, but then, we decided that it was even worse if we did that because then it would really look like we fled! So, we decided to just keep running the site and be open about the situation. We have nothing to hide, we are doing nothing wrong, and therefore, we are not going to run away but to tell you the truth about what is happening.

It really saddens us that in trying to help folks we are wrongly accused as phishers 😦 Who can we trust these days? Is it just better to doubt everything out there and not believe in anything good? For the 1000s times, WE ARE NOT A PHISHING SITE!!!

But that said, don’t use CoolChaser if you’re worried that you might get the message above. We hope to deal with this better in the future… maybe we might have to ask users to paste their codes manually…. it really breaks our heart 😦

Update: Thanks to the many thousands of users who continue to believe in us and have continued to leave many positive comments (in spite of our warning!)

Also, for users who have received the above warning, just follow the instructions provided and change your password. That should give you back control to your account.

Update II: We think the problem may be due to us including a link to in the bulletin messages we help send out. If you try to publish a bulletin with an external link, even if you do it on the MySpace site itself, you may get this “you’ve been phished” message.

We’ve removed the link and hopefully things have returned to normal. Let us know if you see anything weird tho’ And thanks for being such wonderful, loyal users! If you’re so inclined, let Tom know that we’re one of the good guys 🙂


11 Responses to "We are not a phishing site!!!!!!"

i really want it to stop

We got a MySpace page at
If we see the error after adding it, we’lll let you know.

Actually, I am still hesitant about giving you my password. I really would prefer if you DID post the code for the layouts, like other sites. And just have a link to your layout site in the layout, like the other sites. I’m also hesitant about the idea of you guys sending out bulletins on my behalf. Is that necessary??

We did have an option for users to decide if they wanted to post bulletins or not before. Anyways, we took out that feature because we are getting lots of referrals even without it.

I do understand that MySpace is under heaving phishing attack and people are cautious about giving passwords to a 3rd party.

The reason we started out site in the first place was because I had trouble finding out how to customize my layout. I didn’t know where to paste the code, and lots of other users were having the same problem.
One time when our auto insert wasn’t working, many people asked us how to update their layout even with all the instruction that we provided.

We did consider about an option to give out codes to savvy ones. However, because we are hosting all the photos on our server we are afraid that it might result in much much more junk layouts and it would cost us much more bandwidth than what is costing us already.

I guess one way to give out the code is to give out only the themes and no background. That way, we don’t have to host the background images to people who doesn’t trust us. What do you think about that idea?

YEah it is neat/ with alot on neat pictures etc to put on web page. Just make it where you can pick what you want and then copy and paste it on my space, without giving out password. Thats what is stopping me from using it.

It worked great but friends on Firfox says it was hard to see the page so we had to take it off.

Lt us know when we can add them back to

If you people would just provide code and instructions to people on how to copy/paste it into their profile, it wouldn’t seem som “phishy” (sorry for the pun). I liked profiles I saw but I don’t want to enter my userID and password into anything other than a gauranteed myspace page. You will never admit to it, but I’m sure all the suckers.. I mean users of your layouts who log in with your “profile updater” are being archived. I’m sure email addresses are being sold and/or traded and I’m sure the accounts at some points have been accessed unlawfully. Some of us aren’t stupid. Have a nice day.

You can also just create a fake MySpace profile and insert a layout in there to get the code. That way you don’t have to worry, and also you can test that account to see if anything phishy happens. We have millions of happy users so I’m sorry that you are not one of them.

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