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MySpace’s Tom explains captcha codes

Posted on: June 12, 2007

A month after wreaking havoc on our service, Tom finally explains the reason for the captcha codes. Since CoolChaser automatically inserts layouts, we have to ask our users to enter these so-called captcha codes. This is required by MySpace and is meant to prevent evil phishers and spammers.

For those who are interested, Tom gives a good explanation for this minor annoyance. For the technically inclined, Google offers a more in-depth explanation.


7 Responses to "MySpace’s Tom explains captcha codes"

what if the captcha code doesn’t show???

Bernadette: I think MySpace has a glitch in their software last night. Here’s the bulletin message we got from Tom last night:

It looks fixed to me now.

this is the most annoying idea ever.

if you try to do alot on myspace it goes mental and asked youf or 1 everytime you try n do sumthin

loads bollcoks.


very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

yeah, strange that why guy’s still discuss this issue, I know a group has decoded such shit stuff

here is the link, plz do not treat me as spam

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