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More Options! (ready!)

Posted on: June 8, 2007

We are almost ready to released some really cool options on our editor for you to tweak your layout even more!

Option 1 – You can tweak the position of your background

Not so excited? Well, I’ll assure you that you will be after you read on because lots of our users have asked for this option! Proves that we listen to our users huh?? šŸ˜€

I went to see the “Pirate of the Caribbean: at World’s End” the other day, and my butt hurt after sitting down for 3 hours but my eyes were in shape of hearts because of Orlando Bloom (heart icon here) So I decided to make a layout from that movie in 2 minutes!!

Here’s a tip if you want to make a layout from a movie. Type in “poster” after the movie title: in my case I typed in “at the world’s end poster.” This isn’t technically correct because I had “the” where I shouldn’t, but Google still gave me excellent results! Here is the layout I created initially.

Position center

OK, I might be perverted but not THAT perverted just to admire Orlando Bloom’s manly chest!! (well maybe a litte) Why is this happening?

By default, we have the background to position in the center of the screen. Most of the time it’s OK, but like the case above, if the picture is portrait size (meaning the height is longer than the width) it results in cutting off the subject’s head and focusing on the chest. (hee hee)

Now, with the new option, I can change the background to position on top of the screen which resulted in this!

Position top

Perfect! XD Now I can tell it’s Orlando Bloom with his manly chest, not just a chest of who knows. Isn’t it great?

Option 2: Flip Tables

This is a pretty fun option, but it’s not just to go “wee~ flip back and forth, back and forth!,” this is actually because I was annoyed about one thing.

I found a pretty nice “Heidi Klum Wallpaper,” and as wallpapers are designed for computers and maily Windows, the subject is often placed on the right side for users to see the desktop icons on the left.

Here’s an example layout I made.

flip before

Usually, MySpace profile has lots of space on the left because the comments are on the right so it’s constantly covering up Heidi Klum and leaving lots of unused space on the left. So, by just flipping the tables…

flip after

Yay! Now the comments are on the left so I can clearly see Heidi! Of course, you could have downloaded the background, and flip the image itself using Photoshop. Beware though, if you have friends who leave you huge images comments or long link comments, it might not turn out to be as nice as this. Try playing around šŸ™‚

Option 3: Opaque background

We mainly have the see-through themes except for the plain white theme and although see-through is cool, sometimes it’s a pain. There are lots of bug associated with that code that makes the layout see-through, and also when you have a busy background, the text becomes illegible. After seeing how popular the plain white theme was, we thought it would be good to have that option. I won’t show an example here but hope you find them useful!

We try to make our editor as simple as possible so we deliberately don’t have miniscule options like “do you want to change the ‘you have XXX friends’ XXX’s font size and color???.” But we do like adding options that instantly makes the layout better in a big picture way. šŸ˜‰ Let us know if you have any options you think would do that, because we just proved that we listen to you, didn’t we??



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