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UPDATE 6/28 5:46pm (Pacific Time): Hey guys, our scientist fixed the problem in like 1 minute from wherever he was (somewhere in the mountains but he just found out they had wifi :D) So the editor is fixed already! Let us know if you see anything weird and thanks for being so patient with us! Love you all~ xoxoxoxo


Original Message:

MySpace changed it’s settings again so our auto insert is not working right now. Sorry guys! Our scientist is on vacation so can you wait for couple of days until he comes back? 🙂


We ask users “Like Your Layout?” at a certain point on the CoolChaser site. (you have to try it out to find out where if you still haven’t tried our site!) We started asking since March 21st and so far there were 49,150 (and counting!) comments!!

Initially our intention was to collect feedback from the users so we thought of asking “Comments?” or “Please Leave Feedback” but we didn’t want it to be too formal so decided to go with that rather unusual copy. (Inspired by “Got Milk?”)

Here are some of the comments that made us cry. (in no particular order)

WOW, just WOW. I cant believe it. It is ten-thousands times better now!!! – justin_crazybard


yea dude this site is kool i like it cuz i find exactly wat i want here is stead of being mad by not finding wat the hhell i want to find bro… – Random Hero

This service is great! I spent hours searching the web only to find nothing I liked. I spent 5 minutes here and now I love my profile!!! – Arlene

awesome – that was fun & the best creator I’ve found yet 🙂 – Suzi~Q Bug

thank you guys so very much, tiesto music has gotten me through a lot out here in iraq, so i had to have him as a background. i couldn’t have done it without you, thank you again very mcuh – Andy B

I used to spend hours finding a new layout because my layouts change with my mood. (What’s that say about me?) 🙂 Now I have six perfect ones I made to choose from. – Carly 23

All the family are using your backgrounds, So easy, our son has put us all onto your wonderful service – Wilson Fam

And much much more.. although Chao and I agree that we ask users the right question at the right time, we really didn’t expect to get so many great comments. Thank you for ALL OF YOU for leaving wonderful comments!! We read ALL of the comments and it really drives us to work harder so we can make our users even happier! –

XoXo to ya’ll!

CoolChaser Team

Coming up in the next blog: “You need more theme” 😀 Stay tuned!

Some people were concerned about providing their MySpace password to us when using our auto insert software. We DON’T store the MySpace password anywhere on our servers and we only use them to insert or undo your layout. The thing is, if you are a returning user, you can login to our site using your MySpace password to view your layout history. I hear some people saying “Heeey, wait a minute, you say you don’t store our passwords, but how are we still able to login to your site using them if you don’t keep them?”

Well let me explain how and it’s pretty straight forward.

When users enter their password to login to our site, we encrypt their password and match it against the encrypted version of the password that we do store on our servers. We have no ability to unencrypt the password, and as far as we know, neither does anybody else (except maybe NSA!). Thus, this is just to uniquely identify the user to show them their history and link them to their myspace account. So, even if hackers get access to our database, they have no ability to retrieve/decrypt any passwords (and neither do we).

Still don’t believe me? 🙂 OK, here’s a screenshot of how the passwords are encrypted.

encrypted password

It’s a pretty interesting technology and let me tell you something interesting. I have many MySpace demo accounts to showcase some of the example layouts using our editor and I use the same password for all of them 😀 You would think all the encrypted one would look the same right? WRONG! They all look different so I have no way of retrieving it myself when I get amnesia 🙂

We think MySpace is (wrongly and randomly) marking less than 1 out of 10 of our CoolChaser users as being phished.

Such users have gotten this message after trying out the auto insert.

You have been phised

We are not 100% sure if our auto insert is causing this message or if MySpace is under heavy phishing attack right now. If it were us, it should happen to all of our users.. but why less than 1 out of 10?? Is MySpace tweaking with their algorithm and doing it randomly??

Well, we took this issue seriously and thought of shutting down the site for now, but then, we decided that it was even worse if we did that because then it would really look like we fled! So, we decided to just keep running the site and be open about the situation. We have nothing to hide, we are doing nothing wrong, and therefore, we are not going to run away but to tell you the truth about what is happening.

It really saddens us that in trying to help folks we are wrongly accused as phishers 😦 Who can we trust these days? Is it just better to doubt everything out there and not believe in anything good? For the 1000s times, WE ARE NOT A PHISHING SITE!!!

But that said, don’t use CoolChaser if you’re worried that you might get the message above. We hope to deal with this better in the future… maybe we might have to ask users to paste their codes manually…. it really breaks our heart 😦

Update: Thanks to the many thousands of users who continue to believe in us and have continued to leave many positive comments (in spite of our warning!)

Also, for users who have received the above warning, just follow the instructions provided and change your password. That should give you back control to your account.

Update II: We think the problem may be due to us including a link to in the bulletin messages we help send out. If you try to publish a bulletin with an external link, even if you do it on the MySpace site itself, you may get this “you’ve been phished” message.

We’ve removed the link and hopefully things have returned to normal. Let us know if you see anything weird tho’ And thanks for being such wonderful, loyal users! If you’re so inclined, let Tom know that we’re one of the good guys 🙂

“Oh you are so mysterious, MySpace! I woke up this morning and I noticed that you are playing around with the extended network.MySpace did it again

I mean playing around because I don’t see it all the time, it’s sort of a hide a seek peek-a-boo~~~!! thing.

You never cease to surprise me MySpace 😀 ”

…that was my love letter to MySpace. CoolChaser users, if you see this, it’s not our code, it’s MySpace’s. They might be implying that they will do this permanently later and giving us the heads up. We won’t deal with this yet directly but will see what MySpace is trying to do in the next, like, I don’t know, 5 hours or so.

UPDATE: I got a message back from Tom! (on the MySpace announcement box :D) He said…

“hey everyone. dont’ worry about that extended network box. you dont need to edit your profile to fix it. that was a mistake that we’re going to fix in the next few hours… your profiles will be back to normal, no worries! 🙂  in a few weeks you’ll see something new there that will not mess up your graphics (if you have them), and you’ll be able to cover it / change it / style it ..  ”

I wonder what’s coming up! 🙂 Movie? Music? Twitter? You still don’t cease to surprise me MySpace!

A month after wreaking havoc on our service, Tom finally explains the reason for the captcha codes. Since CoolChaser automatically inserts layouts, we have to ask our users to enter these so-called captcha codes. This is required by MySpace and is meant to prevent evil phishers and spammers.

For those who are interested, Tom gives a good explanation for this minor annoyance. For the technically inclined, Google offers a more in-depth explanation.

Well, after much head bashing, is finally on multiple web servers. Let us know if things are still slow for you, and thank you very much for tolerating such sub-standard behavior. We’re working hard to make sure we stay ahead of the game in the future 🙂 users, once we iron the remaining kinks on CoolChaser, we’ll be apply the same architecture to too – stay tuned!

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