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Reason behind MySpace new captchas – and why the Coolchaser ribbon has disappeared

Posted on: May 1, 2007

As users of CoolChaser, our new profile and blog layout editor, have known, MySpace started adding captchas to profile editing, effectively preventing our auto insertion software from working for a few days last week.

I think I may have found a possible reason for MySpace’s recent actions and we want to warn our users about it. It looks like there’s a malicious MySpace malware floating around. It manifests itself as a huge invisible box, effectively floating on top of your profile. When a friend clicks on say a link in your profile, the invisible box (technically a huge invisible image link) is above the link and redirects your unsuspecting friend to a totally different website from the link.

We first came across these profiles “in the wild”, but have recreated it on this profile to study it better. You can see that MySpace has rewritten the invisible DIV’s link from to http://www…

MySpace has been silently, but I think fairly successfully curbing this malware. Not too many searches show up, but if you find that your profile has this behavior, that’s what has happened.

So, what has this got to do with the disappearing CoolChaser ribbon? Well, it turns out that the ribbon uses a CSS code “position: absolute” that the malware also uses. This is the code that allows arbitrary placement of a HTML element on a page. It looks like MySpace now requires a captcha every time this code is used. To make our auto insertion software work again, we’ve had to remove the ribbon!


6 Responses to "Reason behind MySpace new captchas – and why the Coolchaser ribbon has disappeared"

Hi everybody!

I know that probably this isn’t the right place to ask you this question, but i tried following all the other links and I didn’t find any other place that works (according to MySpace your forum was ot accessibel due to a technical problem)

While customizing my blog (your tool is fantastic! Great! It took me 10 minutes and the blog looks exactly as I imagined it) I read that using your tool is free for a short time…

What do you mean exactly? Can I use my backgound free now that I created it or am I to expect you to ask me money after a short time?

I am sorry if i sound a little unkind, I really appreciate your job!

Thank you very much for your answer!

Hi Caillean,

The background you created is free and we will NEVER charge you for that background. We may charge for future backgrounds (and we will let you know explicitly), but we’re trying hard to figure out how to avoid that and still feed ourselves 🙂 Look out for a few experiments shortly.

Thanks for using CoolChaser!

hi, i had use your backgound ad today it dosen’t work at all ,could you help me on ha ? thank you.

hmm… captcha captcha, shit stuffs, 😦

but I do not think Myspace owns any better solution for this

e.g. here is a group who declaimed they has bypassed the captchas

damn it

I tried 2 go on and it wouldn’t let me go on there at all, I’m tryna figure out what happen and why I cant get on ther. Not to mention that da background image that I had on my page just totally went away. Please help me i’m tryna make my own backgrounds again……is there another website like coolchaser

Sorry, we’re experiencing hardware failure right now. Please check back later, and your background should be back up

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