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Looks like we’re becoming a little too popular, which is a problem we are grateful to have. But please bear with the general sluggishness of the site – we are feverishly working on adding more hardware. Thanks for your patience!

Update: We’ll be adding a new database server tonight or tomorrow. Expect a short downtime (10-15 minutes) in the wee hours of the day (Pacific time).


Is it Google? Yahoo? MySpace? or Dell? (LOL) I’m really lazy and have never really changed the default home page that came with my browsers. My Safari (yes, I’m an Mac user so sorry for all the weirdness going on for people using Internet Explorer! :D) has Apple as a home page, and my Firefox has a Mozilla Google Page that looks like this.

Firefox start page

I like the simpleness but it’s kinda boring huh? Well, we just released a really cool feature that lets you instantly have your own personalized home page with the background and theme you chose to create your MySpace layout!

For example, I’m a HUGE Naruto fan so I chose a Naruto background (searched for “Naruto wallpaper” because I get better quality images) and a Stationery theme to create a new MySpace page which turned out pretty nice 🙂

naruto profile

Once I create that layout, I see an option to create a home page based on that layout on my user page.

home page this!

I click on it and Voila! I get to preview what the home page looks like with the background I chose. Then I click on the link on the top of the page (I used Firefox so I drag the link to my home page button) to get a brand new Naruto home page for my browser 🙂

Naruto Homepage

So every time I fire up my browser, the first thing I’ll see is this Naruto home page that I personally chose myself 🙂 To make it even more personal, you can make a home page of your kitty cat, or even force your boyfriend or girlfriend to make a home page of your photo! This is a good test to find out if he/she is really into you or not. 😀

We are thinking of maybe adding more stuff on the home page like news feeds, blog feeds, or date and time so it will be even more useful. Let us know if you have any requests 😉

We also released couple of other cool features such as:

1) You can preview the blog layout right from the editor!

2) We now support Safari and Opera (Not a big news for 99% of our users, but I’m the 1% of those who were waiting for this! )

3) Snatch other people’s layouts! You can browse what other people have made and snatch their layouts by clicking on the thumbsnails on the gallery pages. I’m really surprised to see so many great layouts created by our users! Excellent~!

OK, gotta watch the new episode of Naruto Shippuden! See you guys later dattebayo!

As users of CoolChaser, our new profile and blog layout editor, have known, MySpace started adding captchas to profile editing, effectively preventing our auto insertion software from working for a few days last week.

I think I may have found a possible reason for MySpace’s recent actions and we want to warn our users about it. It looks like there’s a malicious MySpace malware floating around. It manifests itself as a huge invisible box, effectively floating on top of your profile. When a friend clicks on say a link in your profile, the invisible box (technically a huge invisible image link) is above the link and redirects your unsuspecting friend to a totally different website from the link.

We first came across these profiles “in the wild”, but have recreated it on this profile to study it better. You can see that MySpace has rewritten the invisible DIV’s link from to http://www…

MySpace has been silently, but I think fairly successfully curbing this malware. Not too many searches show up, but if you find that your profile has this behavior, that’s what has happened.

So, what has this got to do with the disappearing CoolChaser ribbon? Well, it turns out that the ribbon uses a CSS code “position: absolute” that the malware also uses. This is the code that allows arbitrary placement of a HTML element on a page. It looks like MySpace now requires a captcha every time this code is used. To make our auto insertion software work again, we’ve had to remove the ribbon!

Looking for MySpace stuff?

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