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Dark Storm Passing: CoolChaser back up

Posted on: April 25, 2007

The past few days have been quite hellish for us, and I’m afraid you, our fair users of CoolChaser, have had to bear the brunt of it. I feel like a Lilliputian in the land of Giants at the mercy of the idiosyncrasies of MySpace.

It started with MySpace adding captchas to disallow software services from auto-updating user profiles. Since our service was entirely dependent on auto-updating profiles on behalf of our users, this certainly threw a spanner in our works. We’ve updated our tool, to show you the underlying messy codes that we automatically insert, just in case…

Then, our server crashed and we were down again last night, but fortunately we were able to restore a backup server fairly quickly.

I think my profile expresses how I feel today: a dark storm is passing by. Thankfully, things are back to normal (at least for now), and we’ve learnt a lot and made our software more robust to weather the next storm better (fingers crossed).


4 Responses to "Dark Storm Passing: CoolChaser back up"

hi, are you still having problems because I custmised my profile with you but it has not updated on my myspace?

Nikki, I just tried it and it’s working for me. MySpace may still be having problems (it’s very slow for me). If it’s still not working for you, you can paste the code we show you manually. For more details, watch this screencast:

Hi again,

I tried to post a commentary, but i had a problem with my pc so it didn’t work… I think.

let me try again. I usedyour tool: it is amazing! it took me 10 minutes only to customize my blog and the result is… WOW!

Only, I read that the tool is free for a short time (or something similar). What does this mean exactly, please? Does it mean that I can use my background free now that I made it?

I know that this may sound rough and that probably this is not the right place to ask you such qustions but according to Myspace your forum is not accessible and I didn’t know how else I could ask you this question.

Thank you very much for your reply!


Hi Caillean,

The background you created is free and we will NEVER charge you for that background. We may charge for future backgrounds (and we will let you know explicitly), but we’re trying hard to figure out how to avoid that and still feed ourselves 🙂 Look out for a few experiments shortly.

Thanks for using CoolChaser!

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