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Descending into the world of messy codes :(

Posted on: April 24, 2007

As we discovered in our last post, MySpace is semi-randomly requiring captchas when you edit your profile. This has prevented our auto-layout-insertion software from working.

The good news is that we’re still limping along. We’ve just modified our site to show you the messy codes we were previously trying to hide from you (have a look, it’s ugly). You now have to copy the code we show you, log on to MySpace, click on the “edit profile” and paste it in your “about me” box, then “Save All Changes”. Phew! That’s a lot steps our software was doing automatically.

We’re preparing more detailed instructions on all these steps. Meanwhile, for the tech savvy among you, if you have a better idea for us to serve you better, write us a comment below.

Thanks for your patience!


2 Responses to "Descending into the world of messy codes :("

this is for you ben

Is not working!!! =((((

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