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My Background Not Showing!

Posted on: April 10, 2007

WHY YES, BUT YET ANOTHER UPDATE (3.13.08):MySpace made some subtle but annoying change that is affecting band layouts and some blog layouts. I’ve written another blog about it so please go read it now!

Try not ask a question here, most of the time I can’t answer you so the best thing is to go to our forum- you are almost guaranteed 100% that you will get an answer there (thanks Heathaaa!).



As I blogged in the last post, people seem to be pretty happy about their layouts. Thanks for all the luv and we luv all of ya guys too! xoxoxo!

Anyways, among all the comments we’ve been receiving, we seem to get comments here and there saying “I changed my layout but it’s not showing” or simply “my background is not showing.”

Back to the topic, I actually had the same shocking experience that when I logged in, the layout was gone.

… Actually, the layout was not gone, I was just looking at my MySpace user homepage.

This is how the user homepage look (the page that you land after you login) vs your profile page look (the page that all your friends see)

home vs profile

Their contents are pretty much different but doesn’t it somehow give you the illusion that it could be the same page? Especially because of the user photo being exactly at the same position.

I know I know, if you look carefully, they are totally different pages. But I read somewhere that people don’t really pay much attention to the content when viewing a website but rather “glance.” So I think it’s more the overall silhouette or chunk of blocks that people notice before noticing the content.

Also, on the user home, I had difficulty finding the link to view my profile. Really, can someone tell me how to view my profile except from that small link under my avatar??

view profle

So users who might have thought that your layout or background has not been updated, check again and see if you are not looking at your homepage! πŸ™‚

There is also another case that users might have thought their backgrounds were not updated. Since that little link “View My: (return line) Profile” is hard to find, you might have ended up here:

Preview Profile

DO NOT click that button unless you know what you are doing πŸ˜€ Just kidding, but I can tell you one thing, the button is absolutely useless.
Hope this helps!


91 Responses to "My Background Not Showing!"

I am new at this blogging this. I want to create something that really stands out and looks spectacular, but I am having a hard time trying to get a background graphic style or tile and also how to add the text once I get the background on there. I can get a background color but I don’t want just a plain color. I click on the other options under backgroud and it does nothing.

I would appreciate your help, please.


Hi Kathy

I’m assuming you haven’t tried CoolChaser to create your layout. πŸ™‚ I’m also assuming that you came to this blog from because you were looking at the customize blog settings, and clicked on the blog link on the homepage. We use one blog for all of our three services, CoolChaser,, and clipclip. Yeah, we are just too lazy to have 3 different blogs πŸ™‚

Anyways, I’ll add a text on top of this post so people try out CoolChaser before posting questions 😦 Kathy, I’m sure you will have no problem updating your profile using our Layout Editor. Our blog customization option is coming soon also, so stay tuned!

Hey , I tried Coolchaser but the backround still does not show . I’t shows on some other blog.

Hey Beyonca, thanks for trying out CoolChaser. What’s your MySpace page? Make the profile “public” so I can take a look a the problem. Thanks!

same problem, can’t see the background…
please help, also is the pic that i uploaded supposed to stay public domain? I’ll rather not, since it is a nude…
please let me know on both matters.

Hi Delphine I just checked your page and it seems like your code from was the culprit. In nerd terms, your css style from didn’t have a closing tag so that’s why our code wasn’t properly read by the browser.

So here’s the fix.

Go to your edit profile and the “about me” box. Delete the following code.

‹div style=”position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px;width:88px;height:31px;”›
‹a href=”” rel=”nofollow”›..‹/a›
‹style type=”text/css”›
table, tr, td { background-color:920505; border:none; border-width:0;}
body {

table table { border: 0px }
table table table table{border:0px}
table table table {

table, tr, td, li, p, div { color:FFFFFF; }
.btext { color:FFFFFF; }
.blacktext10 { color:FFFFFF; }
.blacktext12 { color:FFFFFF; }
.lightbluetext8 { color:FFFFFF; }
.orangetext15 { color:FFFFFF; }
.redtext { color:FFFFFF; }
.redbtext { color:FFFFFF; }
.text { color:FFFFFF; }
.whitetext12 { color:FFFFFF; }
a:active, a:visited, a:link { color:FFFFFF; }
a:hover { color:FFFFFF; }
a.navbar:active, a.navbar:visited, a.navbar:link { color:FFFFFF; }
a.navbar:hover { color:FFFFFF; }
a.redlink:active, a.redlink:visited, a.redlink:link { color:FFFFFF; }
a.redlink:hover { color:FFFFFF; }
.nametext { color:FFFFFF; }

OK, don’t freak out πŸ™‚ So it’s everything in between

Come see the NEW LOCATION!!!


‹coolchaser embed code: do not remove modify this line or below layout=71691›

And regarding the background, you mean you don’t want the background to be displayed to the public? I think the only way you can limit from people to see your background is to perhaps set your profile to public.

Hope this helps!

hi! im new at coochaser and i have this problem with my layout…i uploaded my own image in the option of costumize..but them when i open first my image shows but just for like 1 second then it disapears and the background turns grey

heres my site

thanks for ur help!

@Aldo, I just noticed that when you use MySpace’s profile editor it’s going to be linked on the very bottom on your page and will overwrite any previous style. So you need to go to MySpace’s profile editor and click “Clear All” between the “Restart” and “?” button on the editor to clear the MySpace’s style.

Hope this helps!

I got a problem with my background. I selected my image and it does show up, but then another background shows up that blocks the image, I’m tryin’ to fix it, but no luck, any chance it’ll take time to work itself out or do I have to eleminate the bacground color on my myspace page

hey the new profile edit by myspace i have layout i just cant get rid of preofile edit from myspace :/

I’ve used one of your auto “Scissor” stles to edit my profile & everything butthe background is showing up! I’ve trie everyting, even eleting , redoing & choosing another backround, & nothing shows up! Can this be a problem on my end in my about me section? or just what??

I’m so frustrated, I’m about to go back to the old one! I’ve been trying for 2 nights now!! Could it be the fact that I added my own custm Contact able the first time I tried??




I’ve updated myspace page with your background. THe only problem is I tried to modify the degree of opacity on the text and now my interest blog has all the computer jargon on it! I am not sure where I have gone wrong, but I shouldn’t be able to see the javascirpt on my profile.

Please help!

hi, i have got a background code with my own image on but when i c+p it onto my about me section it will flash up and then go to my old one again , i have already looked and there are no other codes on my about me section, and answers ??

I have the same problem as Shane.. I have gone as far as deleting everything in about me, including photo albums, waiting a half hour..Then dropping your codes in..When I click to view my profile, the new layout flashes, and goes right back to my old background, with a few additions from the new code..I cant get rid of these animated flashing stars, no matter what I do!!! Please Help. My profile is set

Shane and Rachelle, check the followings:

1) See if you have your old code in your “who I’d like to meet” section. Any code that comes later has priority on your page, so that might be the reason another layout is showing up

2) If you have used MySpace’s own profile editor, you need to go back to them and hit “clear all” on their editor. Their code cannot be found anywhere on your edit profile form.

Hope this helps!

i tried using one your layouts and it didnt show and i cleared all the codes from my recent layout it didnt work, however the layout did show up on my blog. but when when i would view my profile, it was plain. can you tell me whats going on, in the meantime i settled for another layout but i would like to use the same one that is still some how showing up on my blog.

thanks it worked


I cannot seem to put a background (layout) on my page. I have tried everything that I found to fix it such as: Clearing everything in about me & in the who I’d like to meet section. I even went as far as deleting everything from my entire profile! I also went to the profile editor an hit Restart, Clear All, and save. Nothing seems to work. I’m new to this and actually created my myspace 2 days ago. I first started with just a gray background that I picked through profile editor. Everytime I paste a layout in my about me section that I copy it flashes for a second and returns to the gray color. Help please!


I’ve updated myspace page with your background.
i can’t see it on my homepage..

I have a film myspace page and I used your layout for the first time the page went live. I have not been able to edit anything on the page or delete the page to use a different layout I made with coolchaser… What’s wrong? All the info is incorrect and people can’t keep up with our updates due to this. Any help?

All the jpg’s, gif’s and everything I add show up on my page, but not the main background, like the solid colors..Could you tell me what is wrong..Thanks!

I am having a very similar problem with my main home PC and my MySpace page. I was not uing code from CoolChaser but pYzam. Things were just fine today while I made some changes to my profile such as adding some of my favorite music and bam things went heywire. My background color dissapeared. It not only dissapeared from IE 7 but my Firefox and Opera as well! It only did this with my main home PC. When I tried with my older PC running IE 6 I believe it was fine. I cleard my cache and all temp files from the main PC which did nothing to fix this. Also note that when I check out other myspace pages that have used some code to change the layout I have the same problems. I sent an email to myspace and their reply was they were working on the issue allready. I worry though that why is it only on one machine of mine and not on any others. Did myspace mess something up on that system?

I am having difficulties with viewing my myspace background on my laptop … it shows all white with my piq and verbage but no color; can you help? Thanks!


it doesnt matter where you get the code from, its all the same.

its just a generator you noobs.

I have been trying to get the layout to show on my profile and it does not take. It is on the Blog page, but not my profile. I cannot get to the Profile Editor as I had started previously to press cancel or anything to get rid of Myspace information. Where do I go from here?

I used your site to put a background on my myspace page, but my picture of the two cars wont show up when i view my page. I am not sure y it wont show up…it wouldnt at first, but then i got it too so i logged off and logged back on and now no cars. Please help me get this to work..thanks alot

my background image will stay up for a few seconds and then it completely disappears 😦 i’m soooooo annoyed right now. i tried your site, but it was making the image way way way big. please help!!!



Welcome please:


Welcome please:


My problem is that my background doesn’t show up on my newish home computer but it shows up on everyone elses. the code works properly or else i couldnt see it on a friends computer and i have tried both Explorer and Firefox… what to do?

i cant get my layout to work!

Since I’ve added coolchaser, When using desktop, I can’t get into my profile page to edit coolchaser. Everything disappears when I go to edit.

I can ony edit from my laptop. but I can only see a few pics and profile/bio disappears. I can only see friends and they are doubled.

Any solutions..


I’ve had probs with my background for ages now. I searched on google and found this site , and i tired updating my profile by selecting some stuff and then i updated it and the background changed. After so much time it got fixed! You guys are life savers , thank you so much!!!

Heyyy I found a background I really love, and the background shows up fine, but the rest of the layout is gone 😦 Like, it’s just the background picture and my profile song? I’m sure I did something silly. Sorry ^^

why can i see my layout but not my background
it shows up for 3 seconds then its gone no matter what layout i use

its looks like when the layout pops up it covers the background n thats why the background is there only 3 seconds. Please someone help help am going crazy over here..

for ex. if i pick the yankees layout, and the background
is pinstrips and the rest is photos of ball players and a bubble of the park, then i’ll see everything except the pinstrip background, whatever i can move with the slider i can see, but the pinstrip background that is station i cant see.

One day, my background picture was gone;
however, I do see it for a second while the computer is booting up. Then it
disappears and goes back to the blue screen. The background options box is
somehow disabled. please Help if you can???!!!

Hello,I’m having trouble with my page,I picked out a layout I liked then the last thing I did was log in at the bottom and the layout went in. The problem is all I’m seing is the layout and the music player and not the rest of the info. Even when I go to “Edit profile”, all I see is the layout,can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks.

my myspace layout just isnt showing up. wat can i do

the background for the tables i made isn’t repeating like i made it to. it’s just top-left aligned. i tried to manually fix the problem but i guess i’m not putting the right code in or in the right place. anyone got any advice????

this is the webpage where the layout is…


To Sachiko regarding having to hit “clear all” in the MySpace editor in order to use your own customized code: thanks so much for the tip! I was trying to fix a friend’s MySpace and that bit was eluding me for a solid hour. Very frustrating. You rock!

Hi, I’ve been working with myspace layout. My background isn’t showing up behind the contact table and I can’t understand why. It was and looked just like I wanted it too. But, then it changed. Since then I have changed just about everything and it still don’t show. But, if I right click and save background it shows as my img url. Except all I am seeing is the color of the inner boxes. *sigh*… can you help me please?

I cannot see my background in my diary and not see others either. Last night I printed out a page from the diary entry I wanted and when the printing was finished there was my background printed out in full colour view.
I have asked numerous people who have knowledge of this kind of thing but no body has come up with an answer. Pray that you can help me my friend.xxxx

Sorry I should have said that my site has my name of waywithwords to enter. Anne.xx

Some of my things got erased and dont know if it was because of coolchaser or something else… :[

yah i used coolchaser and got a background and theme i like but only the theme shows up on myspace, but if i go to my blog the background image shows up whats wrong im very frustrated

oh my I just had the same thing happen tonight around 8:00pm I have had the same background since Jan. but as this post here said, QUOTE “yah i used coolchaser and got a background and theme i like but only the theme shows up on myspace, but if i go to my blog the background image shows up”
OK< SO I thought it was because we had just loaded snocap music store etc on my myspace, but now I am wondering if something else is up…after reading the last post I tried to upload this same background on another site I have and the same thing happened so It cannot be the music store I had added.. so what is up with the background only showing on the blog page??

Hi, I’ve deleted all codes from my band myspace page, entered your awesome code and still nothing comes up. Can you look at my page and help me out? Thanks, Hil

Hi Hil and some other people, yeah MySpace made some changes that are affecting the band layouts. Here’s a new blog post about it:

We will update our site’s code perhaps tonight or so, so try coming back and reinsert the layout!

Awesome, thanks so much! I’m SO in love with you guys!

Hey Im having that problem where my background only shows up for a few secs an goes off. There are no other codes on my page, an I saw your other mail where you said you need to press clear in profile editor but I cant find cleaar anywhere ? friend has her kids for a backgound.i pick out my theme that was a redneck theme and the my back ground.i up load a pic of me and my husband.i hit done.when i enter my email and password.when it says view profile all it would show up is the theme and thats it.the oick of my husband and me didnt work. pleas help me.can i put both of theme on there.

I found this a very helpful website. Clicking the “Clear All” button on the myspace profile editor helped my put my background where it needs to be.


i can’t see my background profile..
i just updated it..
how could it be??

i need a reply..

i’ve used coolchaser but when i try to send my chosen profile i did not see it on myspace..

help me please..

Hey i’m having trouble with my layout!! Like when i go to paste my code everything shows up, but my background what is the problem?

I can’t get my layout to show up. Please help!

hey im having trouble getting my custom layout back but my code is still pasted in about me. i wanted to disable my links on my profile so i pasted the code to disable my links and my layout disappeared. can you please help me?

<embed src=”” width=”426″ height=”320″ name=”smilplayer” id=”smilplayer” bgcolor=”FFFFFF” menu=”false” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”” flashvars=”id=img222/499/1221361052vky.smil”/>
Go to ImageShack® to Create your own Slideshow

that doesn’t even make any sense!

ilacay nyo nga ung layout q jan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………

mf rw du
si os lc

Im trying to get your backrounds on to my biker or not profile and I cant make it happen. Help please!!!!!

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Layout by CoolChaser

…………….plz put this layout to my profile…tnx

NO backgrounds or layouts show up. I follow the code directions.

The website I got the code from shoes the website name and has a little picture

i don’t have my layout on my myspace and i don’t no where to go to geth the code to put it on my myspace
can you help me with that?

visit us!

I can’t get my background to show at all. HELP. I guess I don’t know what I am doing

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What in the hell is going on with Facebook? Why is my page jacked to hell.

This is not good. This is why I left myspace, now facebook?

Okay well when I first got my Myspace I had selected a background from the “Customize Profile” and then when I selected a background from a different website it wouldn’t show! I Copied and then pasted it in the “About Me”…and then yes I pressed saved and then it still wouldn’t show up. So then I went to the “Customize Profile” and selected No Theme and then I pressed publish to see if my other background would show up and it didn’t. So I was just wondering if you could tell me what the problem is or possibly help me?

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[…] My Background Not Showing! « CoolChaser BlogAlso, on the user home, I had difficulty finding the link to view my profile. Really, can someone tell me how to view my profile except from that small link under my avatar?? … hey the new profile edit by myspace i have layout i just cant get rid of preofile edit from myspace :/ […]

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