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Posted on: April 3, 2007

UPDATE: I’ve created some real MySpace demo profiles to showcase the new themes. Add them as your friend (I will check these accounts once a month :P)

It’s been a month or so since we opened CoolChaser to the public and it seems like people are liking it. Anyway, among all the compliments (teehee) some users have asked us for more themes. Like 6 themes are not enough! πŸ˜€

Before getting into the new themes, here is a list of the original 6 themes (and the number of layouts that were created using them). as of 4:33pm pacific time 4/3/07.

1) Grunge (6919)

2) Butterfly (5971)

3) Pop (2582)

4) Stationery (1619)

5) Industrial (3263)

6) Sparkle (14623 – holy cow!)

So what can we say about this data people? Well one thing for sure, people are lovin’ the sparkles! Let the animated gif rule MySpace! Natually, when I thought of what new themes to make, I knew that I had to make one that has an animate gif as a background.

Thus the new theme “Gotham” was born. This was released last Friday and it already has been used for 917 layouts. You can’t really tell from this screen shot but the background is an animated raining gif πŸ˜€ I combined it with Spiderman 3’s wallpaper. (searched for “spiderman 3”)


Another theme that was release on the same day was “Postcard.” Below is a screen shot of the theme combined with a picture of some sepia photo. (searched for “angel” on flickr)

postcard layout

It is a bit more specific and has more graphics than the other themes but I personally like this because all you need to do is to combine with a picture from your trip to London, Tokyo, Hawaii or wherever! Since not many people are using it so far (aka not as popular as gotham), you can be original and create a layout with your own photo from your recent trip!

Yesterday, I also released two more themes. I actually wanted to make a hiphop theme but it wound up a tattoo theme. (tells you how much I know about hiphop) This theme is even more specific than the postcard theme and has a graphic in the network table so it could be harder to combine with a more variety of backgrounds compared to generic themes like grunge or butterfly. Here is an example combined with a background of “My Chemical Romance.” (keyword “my chemical romance”) Hey what do you know, it actually works pretty well!

tattoo layout

And lastly but not least, I was getting bored of all the flamboyance so I decided to make just a very plain simple theme that has no image at all and not transparent. It works with a very busy background, repeated background and a very bright background. I saw one of the user took out our layout and used a premade gloomy bear layout from somewhere else so I was like “why don’t you love me anymore??” 😦 Thus I used a gloomy bear background with this plain theme just to win her love back. (keyword: “gloomybear” in one word. Somehow “gloomy bear” didn’t show me this background) Hope you come back to me~!

plain white layout (gloomy bear)

This would also work for artist types who wants to showcase their work with their own original background as well.

Hope you enjoy these new themes! I’m going to try to come up with more themes constantly and your requests are welcomed!


3 Responses to "More Themes!"

could we get stars as the background or something cuter then those things.

Taylor, you can select any kind of background using our editor, it’s really up to your creativity πŸ˜€ For themes, something similar would be the sparkle, which is super duper popular.

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