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Myspace Backgrounds – part 2,875,321

Posted on: February 1, 2007

I have to admit when we first launched back in Oct, we were quite surprised by the overwhelming demand from our users seeking for ways to customize MySpace.

Of course, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. According Hitwise, MySpace-related keywords top 5 of the 10 most popular search terms amongst the top search engines, with “myspace layouts” at number 9.

Our education has been a slow progression. At first, we noticed that almost at any point in time, our recent searches invariably had Myspace customization terms. For me, it really sank in after a series of well-received postings by Sachiko (over 100 comments!) sketching out the difficulties in customizing MySpace.

Clueless we may be, but we’re also opportunistic 🙂 Rather than struggle to chase the latest trendy Web 2.0 idea, it seems like manna from heaven that all of you, our users, have been trying hard to tell us something: “Build a tool that lets me customize MySpace the way I want!”

We started a trial page to further test this idea, and I can tell you it’s been very well received! So, as Elaine alluded to, we’ve been busy building yet another web app (yes, ADD runs thick amongst us) – this time to build a MySpace layout editor!

We’re just at the very early stage of this project. However, inspired by many blogs we’ve learnt a great deal from, we’d like to share with you the highlights, decisions and challenges as we encounter them when we build out this web service. Hopefully, you’ll join in this conversation too, and guide us with advance notice, when we head towards a cliff!

To start off, why another MySpace tool site? Yes, we do know there are hundreds of sites our that, some of them quite sophisticated and powerful. However, we feel there’re two important differentiations we can create a niche for ourselves:

  1. Keep it Simple and Fun! Can we draw inspiration from Apple’s iPod and create a tool that is just as simple and fun to use? This means NO CODES and be done in 30 secs (but you may want to spend more time because it’s fun to tweak)!
  2. Allow you to be you. We want you to create layouts that is personalized to your tastes and impress the heck out of your friends 😉

Are we on the right track? What would your ideal layout editor look like?


8 Responses to "Myspace Backgrounds – part 2,875,321"

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i dont know how to put like videos or little music videos


i need a background


how do u change ur background again?

volkswagen bug car

ha-rd-po-rn-fu-ck 2383561 Value source for volkswagen bug car.

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