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You may like the look of Well, one of the collaboration tools we use, PBWiki, shares the same look as our site, and caught the eye of the PBwiki folks. This past week, we were blogged on The Daily Peanut. PBwiki selected as a case study on how we made it look so good.

Check out PBwiki’s interview with Chao Lam. It features Sachiko Kwan who designed our wiki and both and Yeah!


We have crossed the holiday season divide and entered the new year, for quite some time now, you’ll say, and I’ll agree. The thing is we were so busy bringing new features and refining the ones we have that we lagged with our blog postings. Perhaps unbeknownst to you, the intrepid workerbees here have been keeping two sites live and running. In the past, blogging for one, meant not for the other, so we have a new plan…

We’ll close the blog divide between our two sister sites and and have one blog post for both. With this cut of the virtual red ribbon, we invite the netizens of each site to freely visit and use the services of both domains, and be updated with this one blog.

May you prosper and grow in the new year, 2007!

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