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Myspace background revisited.

Posted on: November 2, 2006

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In the previous post, I blogged about why there are so many searches for “Myspace Backgrounds” on our search engine. Since then, it has received 46 comments as of today. To tell you the truth, I was expecting comments like “Hey, I stumbled upon your site ( and found some cool backgrounds, thanks” – ok, I’m just joking 😛 but I didn’t expect to get comments mostly asking “Hey, I need help putting a background on Myspace!”

Well, I gotta confess – since I’m not a Myspace user I didn’t understand why this was happening and quite frankly I thought “Hmmm… they must not be very Internet savvy… I mean how difficult can it be to put THAT (controversial some people call crazy) background?”

So, I decided to put a background on MYspace (yes, Tom is my only friend) to see how EASY it is to put that background. I mean, it’s just putting a background you know, I can write CSS to build a whole site, I can probably do it in a minute.

First thing first, I grabbed the script for the background from one of the sites I found from the search. I found an Orlando Bloom background and got the myspace code. At this point I was thinking “Easy easy, it’s just a simple CSS code. Man, I can’t believe people are having so much trouble getting this code!!”

After that piece of cake, I went to MY myspace page. “OK, so there must be a link ‘customize your page’ or something like that so I can paste in this code…” click, click..

(5 minutes had passed)

“Hmmm, I don’t see a link that says anything about customizing the page.. OH, is it the ‘manage blog’ link?” click, click. “Hmm.. I see a link that says ‘Customize Blog’ where I got that screen shot for my previous post…. maybe it’s here” <- totally confused.

(10 minutes had passed.)

“That was just for customizing the blog not the Myspace page! I don’t need to customize the blog yet! Just putting a background on Myspace! Where do I paste in that code!” <- starting to sound more like users who left confused comments.

Again, when people ask me what I do, I say “I’m a web developer” so I believe I’m above average in terms of being Internet savvy. So I got DESPERATE.

In fact, I had to search for Myspace layout tutorial. I got bunch of results teaching me how to customize the CSS. Arrgh!! I ALREAD KNOW CSS, I JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE TO PASTE THAT D*** THING IN MYSPACE! <- going nuts!

And finally, I carefully read one of the sites, and it said “go to the edit profile page, and paste it in there.” I was thinking “but I DID check that page like 100 TIMES, and there was no box that said “paste your code here to customize your background”

I read it again and again and it said “paste it in the ‘about me’ box”

HUH??? You mean, paste the code for the background in the ‘about me’ box?? You mean like this???

Myspace screenshot
Yup, that was it. Of course, the “preview section” didn’t do diddly squat, so I had to save the whole thing in order to see it in action. But people, HOW UNINTUITIVE is that? That you have to paste the background code in the ‘about me’ box? WHY? WHY?

I bet whoever started customizing their own Myspace in the very beginning did it as a hack. You CAN paste CSS codes anywhere in the HTML page – but it’s not a norm. I just heard from Chao that someone actually pasted in a javascript in one of those boxes to do a prank on other people. (you can’t paste javascipt anymore in Myspace)

But isn’t it weird that Myspace doesn’t have something intuitive enough like “paste your CSS code in here to customize your site” or something? I was quite surprised that many people did figure it out, and also surprised about Myspace’s response to the question “How do I customize my site” in the help section – they said

“Simply go to “Edit Profile” and enter the desired HTML coding where appropriate.If you do not know HTML, you can reach out and make a new friend by asking someone who has color, graphics, and/or sound on their Profile page how they did it.”

This is wrong on so many levels – firstable, they say “enter where appropriate.” So are they saying “About Me” is the appropriate place to paste the CSS code for customizing my background??? Also, I don’t want to look like a dork by asking a new friend! I wanna look cooool!

Anywho, I wanted to share my frustrated experience. Also sorry for underestimating the task :P. I have a feeling that each person has different reasons of being confused but thought what I had to go through might be useful to some people. I hope I don’t get more comments “I need help with my myspace background.” (which I know I still will)


110 Responses to "Myspace background revisited."

There are lots of free myspace generators out there you can try them. Have fun


This is exactly what I found when I tried it out. How can MySpace have become this popular? It seems like development on it must have stopped five years ago. Or like none of the developers care anymore. The details are shoddy, the user interface, as you pointed out, unintuitive, and there are so many ads I could hardly figure out that I was looking at my home page when I opened it. You can do better, people. Just gather up your friends and go. A world of clarity and ease of use awaits! (imeem, friendster, orkut, facebook,…explore!)

how do decorate my back ground.

how do i get music and backgrounds

i also wonder why myspace became popular. Both the front end and the backend suck…or maybe it suited the needs back then and now the growth is being driven by teenage peer pressure!

Thanks for your background comments. It was sorta helpful. But only if you know what CSS is. 🙂 (which I don’t)

I need backrounds for my blog and just can’t find any

what is the codes to get backgrounds and music for our myspace?

How r I putting backgrounds on me Myspace pg????

God, I hate people like that posting here seriously. I mean, I can understand if you don’t know how to do it… but A) why ask someone else who doesn’t even have a MySpace, and B) Why ask on a page where precise instructions are already given?

You’re right about MySpace though. It needs quite a bit of work. A few months ago they updated how to change your profile, but the only thing I really saw changed was how difficult it was to change it. They actually made it harder for new users to do it. I couldn’t believe it. That’s part of the reason I prefer Facebook over MySpace.

SO true! I went thru the SAME steps you outlined here to change my background. Finally gave up.

I think this is why so many of hte mySpace backgrounds look so awful…

I need help getting my myspace background fixed..idk how to change it

RE: Jammy

I think it’s teenage peer pressure too! And I can see it from all the Myspace users’ comments as they sound so much under pressure – like “I need help!!” I was never asked for so much help in my entire life 🙂

Re : Cory

Hehehehe, I think maybe the way I explain how to put background is still too technical? Maybe a small movie how to put background will be more helpful – although I’m not really sure why they ask me for help either 🙂 So they made it even harder to customize the page huh? The harder it is, the more aweful the site looks because of minimum flexibility – It’s a vicious circle.

Re: Jesky

OH wow~ so it wasn’t only me who went the same steps 🙂 I almost gave up too!

Re: Other Myspace users who left comments

Hey, let me know how I can help you guys! I would like to know more in details about what kind of trouble you guys are having other than the trouble I had that I blogged about. I might consider writing another blog about it. More details the better than just “I need help!” Okay? :))

how do you get a backgroung on the blog if any one knows e mail me to tell me bama gal

i need to put a back grownd on my space please it look’s uglyesh

I’m a web designer as well proficient in HTML and CSS but until recently I couldn’t figure it out! Thank you for working this one out, now finally I can put my talents to use on MySpace and make a page worth visiting! Can I add you?!!

You can visit my page in development at:

Anyone still having trouble should go here:
Find a picture you want for the background, then press the red button to get the code and copy and paste it into the About section on your profile.

Ha Ha. Try Vox. Wired says it’s better. Is it?

the way you customize your layout in Myspace is retarded. Tom sucks! hehe

Uhm. Some of the mods are pretty good coders. There’s a whole SUB FORUM for customizing in the guess what… MYSPACE forum. Not only that there’s a thread that’s a PINNED topic. =) Most ppl just aren’t smart enough to navigate myspace.

Hi,I need a backcround for my myspace page can you help me

thanks for the ipod hope im not to late……

thanks for the ipod hope im not to late

How do you decorate the background and get music?


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, which is a kind of “skin” you can put over your HTML to change a website’s appearance in one go. More about that here:

@the rest of you looking for MySpace help: GO TO THE MYSPACE HELP FORUMS:
Then click on the folder that says MySpace
Then click on Customize

Also, try typing “MySpace help” into Google–you’ll get 62,500,000 results.

and READ BEFORE YOU POST, YOU IDIOTS–all of you asking how to change the background didn’t even read the article at the top of this page! WTF? It’s all there! In detail! The author of this blog is being very, very nice and patient with all of this, not to mention generous with their time. So do them a favor and go read their explanation. Now.

heyy i was wondering if i can get an image to go in the url box or contact box. kk. thanks

RE: Ian

Hey, I checked out your myspace site and it’s very well executed! I love that cat square thing 🙂 My favorite is “I made you a cookie.. but I eated it” – sooo cute! I would like you to add me, but I don’t think I’ll continue using Myspace 😀 Thanks for stopping by, and looking forward to hearing from you again.

RE: veltis

Thanks again for following up on the other comments! 🙂 Yes, Myspace users, I think going to the Myspace forum is the best way to get answers to all your questions than posting here… 🙂 You can type in “MySpace help” into google, but better than that, type that in into our community enhanced search engine –! 😀

Although I did look at some of the results, and I got overwhelmed by ads, popups, and horrible designs. I don’t know, but I feel like many myspace help sites do not really have good intentions.

hey hey new 2 all dis so could sum1 plz let me no how 2 get a background. just email me @

fudge soz i ment megga.s.x.c@hot…. soz i cant type gud!!!

i need a preety background

I need a background a nice background

i need a good back ground

i really want a pretty background

how can i get a better image on myspace

Myspace is the devil 🙂

That being said, I use it to.

My background? White. Thank You Very Much.

[…] Also, MySpace background drama. o_O Posted by fugainaiya Filed in Default […]

i would like to have hearts for my backround on my space

Myspace sucks 😐 but….. everyone’s there. So you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Putting a background on is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. If you’re tired of trying to do it and getting frustrated, or just tired of trying to help out all of your commenters, you should check out the tutorials and instructions on It’s a high school girl who’s really bright and has thousands of layouts. It helped me when I was at the peak of my myspace wh*ring 🙂

hey i still dont no how to put a background in i click on edit profile but it comes up like this.

Gender: Female
Prefer not to disclose
More about me: do it put it in here plx help me

Interests: fishing shopping parting tennis
Separate each interest by a comma. If an interest has multiple words, you can use a space between each word.
Permissions Everyone Same as Your Space Messenger Messenger and friends Messenger, friends, and friends of your friends Custom…
Everyone on the Internet can see your information.
The same people who can see your space can see your information.
Only the people on your Messenger allow list can see your information.
Only the people on your friends list and your Messenger allow list can see your information.
Only your friends, your mutual friends and their mutual friends, and people on your Messenger allow list can see your information.
Select the people who can view your information.
People who can see your space
Messenger allow list

Friends list View list
Friends of your friends

About permissions

is anyone going to answer my question

i need help on getting a backgroung for my myspace

I need background for my myspace!!


Haha, I can’t belive that the people here still doesn’t get it: PLEASE READ THE BLOG ON TOP OF THIS SITE TO LEARN HOW TO PUT A BACKGORUND ON MY SPACE. Jesus, you people, do you need some help eating as well?

hahaha.. I’m not a myspace user.. but this was very helpful… Thank you!

MySpace has the most terrible interface ever. My first three blog posts on MySpace were about how bad MySpace sucks! Of course I use a lot more swearing in my blog =). Well, I stumbled across your post because I was checking out this whole WordPress thing…so…umm…have a good day.

i need the whole URL for the myspace so i can get on at school

Holy crap. I can’t believe people have been asking about backgrounds still. Ignorance really must be bliss, but they sound angry about it. -.-;

need help findin back ground

im a user on myspace, and quite frankly, im literally hooked. its very weird, as once you start off, you dont go on it, then the more friends you add, and more comments you get, the more you become hooked. nevertheless, i enjoy myspace very much. even tho it is – as you said – unintuitive, i doubt teenages like me would really care about that… myspace is complicated at the start, but soon you get the hang of it. i suggest you try it 🙂

@katy: I did try it for a while, but what has puzzled me most about it is that there are so many better sites out there that do the same thing, and they do it much better! MySpace just seemed kind of abandoned to me, like the owners just stopped caring and the whole site is stuck in 1998.

I know it’s annoying when all your friends are on it already, but you can all migrate elsewhere! Just choose a social network you like, and start inviting them–if you picked a good one, they’ll follow. 🙂

i need some backgrounds

can u plz tell me how to get backgrounds for myspace

I need help 4 my myspace cuz the infomation is white but my backround is black wit other things on it .i need 2 change it to where it matches my backround

Luckily, lots of layout pages tell you to put it in the “About Me” section so you don’t have to go through all of that. 🙂

no se como poner un backgraund en myspace !!
no se como se ocupaa!


dimelo white boys

me gusta mucho esta pagina y quisiera poder mandar mensajes instantaneos con mis amigos

hey… my “myspace” is totally different.. it does not have an “about me” box.. lol.. it wack.. it weird i only have a “more about me” section… lol… and the layout codes dont fit in the box.. which sucks so im still confused… lol

I sooooo totaly agree. I am a gun coder and I was w=so frustrated with those %^*&()*() retarded morons. To me it is became obvious they want people to pay them to have the web site customized or they wish to get everyones name and password

Whoww, I’m just starting to use MySpace, and I’m a webmaster myself……
Thanks for the post, it saved me a LOT of searching. User friendly is different, maybe soembody should explain that to MySpace?

I guess MySpace got famous only that way..Word-of-mouth enquiries for anyone who knows HTML for a networking site…The natural reply is, ‘What’s the name of the site??’

[…] when it began. Compare it to imeem or even Friendster, and it looks like a tabloid disaster area. Changing your MySpace page’s background image can confuse even seasoned coders, because it’s a gum-and-toothpicks affair that MySpace wasn’t initially designed for, […]

i had my background perfect and then i erased it and started over. i want the background just on the left and right side. not beind anytihing in my page so that the left boxes are still blue and everything. i just want it on the left and right side of the page like alot of people have it and everytime i try it puts it either all over or it makes everything white and then does it.

[…] I’ve written another post due to so many comments regarding how to put a background to Myspace. I tried to put it myself and […]

[…] had Myspace customization terms. For me, it really sank in after a series of well-received postings by Sachiko (over 100 comments!) sketching out the difficulties in customizing […]

caqn yall make my page colorful

can yall make me a colorful page

MY GOD!!!!!!! u hav jus saved my life!! 🙂 I relly didn’t think i’d be able 2 get a background up CHEERS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

i wonted to know how i can get all the layouts that i make on my blog so people can use them. i know have to make layotus and they are really good. i wont to be like real myspace layout makers if you know how get in touch with me please.


fuck this blog! still only info about stuff i know by now! How the fuck can i put a decent background on my page!!!! I have a picture and i want it fullscreen and fixed. Is that too much to ask?! Am i the only one who wants a background like this?

Tom is so 4N7|1337. I make fun of him and his ads for gay guys having sex on my blog all the time. MySpace is a haven for retards 1355 1337 than Tom.

Author guy, you rock. These people that ask for help on random blogs are tards.

Rowney: “How the fuck can i put a decent background on my page!!!! I have a picture and i want it fullscreen and fixed. Is that too much to ask?!”
Yes, it is too much to ask. CSS can’t resize a background. The developer of my site, , a douche called Cray, told me one time about a trick where you make an new div and style it with a lower z-index than everything else and use absolute positioning to place it. Put your image in the div and adjust the width and height. But you’re still fucked on MySpace because you have to guess what will be the best full screen resolution. You can’t use JavaScript to change the image size dynamically. Also, it’s not fixed, but it’s your best bet for full screen unless you just want to make your background image big enough in the first place and use

background: URL( imageURL ) fixed no-repeat center;

A MySpace with something like this (except for the no-repeat) is some random woman’s page I like to laugh at:

Doing it like that would give you fixed. But, doing it fixed and full screen all together……. you’re fucked.

1337M3|573R Prime Minister Ninja Andrew Nathaniel Panda Jr.

hey i was wondering how you get the background just on the left and right side of your page.. like No .72 asked. please let me know

Myspace backgrounds sites are everywhere now. 🙂

adult program tv

background revisited. « URL BLOG

I couldn’t agree more!

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how can i delete this cool chaser aacount [[imma make a new one]]

email me right awaay plzzz

very nice post here..i’ve bookmarked this blog for future reference..

Hey i hope it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year

Enjoy reading this blog …;)



I am a professional programmer who long ago dismissed MySpace as a glorified highschool simulator. Now, my kid is of age where he wants a MySpace. No problem, I tell him, dad the professional programmer will help you pimp that bad boy out.

A freaking week later, I am still trying to figure out this stupid thing. And, as the blog so rightly points out, the absolute biggest gripe I have is that they encourage…heck, *require* hacks, non-standardization and stupidity. Silly me, I thought that this would be a great oppertunity to bond with my kid, impress him with some of my mad skillz, teach him about my passions…but, the entire experience has been pretty much me explaining to him why this thing that he believes is the coolest thing since gossip is a stinking pile of ickyness. Basically, after I help him get his site set up, I am going to have to go back and re-teach him everything. “Actually, son, only a weenie would embed CSS like this” and now what should have been a simple teach by example instead is going to be…something else.

Anyway, was VERY refreshing to find this post. It is the first one that I have found (by someone who appears to know what he is talking about…most of these kids don’t know what CSS is for crying out loud!!) that clearly and precisley says, “Yep, its stupid, but this is how you do it.” Thanks a ton!!!

[…] so much trouble doing it because I just didn’t know where to paste the code on MySpace which I blogged about long time ago and realized there were so many other people with the same problem. We were kinda […]

[…] so much trouble doing it because I just didn’t know where to paste the code on MySpace which I blogged about long time ago and realized there were so many other people with the same problem. We were kinda […]

Nice point. I hadn’t thought of that.

I’m new to MySpace so your info is going to save me a few hours of aggravation.Thanks

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Even when he’s 80 I’d still tap it like he taps footballs

[…] CoolChaser in February 2007 and it has been such a awesome ride. We started the site because so many people were having trouble putting layouts on their MySpace page. While others sites were providing codes for premade layouts,  on our site, people were able to […]

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