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People love their Dogs! JDPower ranks Dogpile #1 in user satisfaction.

Posted on: October 13, 2006

Mulling over our recent challenges (and planning some general strategy stuff), I stumbled upon this post by Search Engine Watch- which shows DOGPILE (yes, DOGPILE) as having the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any search engine. Why?! Is it the metasearch functionality? An underdog loyalty? Intermingled Ads in the results? Regardless of the reason, I think this is as a hugely encouraging sign that a different search experience can win loyal hearts of a searching community. Congrats Dogpile and Ask!

“Here are the J.D. Power survey’s customer satisfaction findings. Little used Dogpile was ranked number one:

1. Dogpile
3. Google
4. Yahoo! Search
5. AOL Search
6. MSN Search
7. Internet Explorer (treated as a search engine in the survey)

I don’t have any insight into the survey methodology so we have to take the results at face value. But 10,000+ respondents is a very large sample. A disconnect is the difference between search engine market share and the satisfaction ratings. Based on these findings one would think that if Ask and (especially) Dogpile could gain broader awareness and visibility they might be able to gain some share.

Posted by Greg Sterling on Oct.”


5 Responses to "People love their Dogs! JDPower ranks Dogpile #1 in user satisfaction."

Wow, that’s certainly a counter intuitive find, John!

Hi folks … I really like the way you have made your interface, especially comments for each search result !! Haven’t seen such a fresh look at search in a long time.
But i have one request .. please .. please change your domain name !!! sounds so generic, with no soul 😦

It’s interesting that dogpile took out the little buttons (Google, Yahoo! MSN and ASK) that let you see the results of individual engines side by side. It was a unique feature…but maybe people thought it was too much learning. (wink wink)

RE: curiousFlintstone

I am actually open to a cooler name in the future 🙂 To tell you the truth, I fought soooo much against using as well in the past and was telling John and Chao that when people asked where I worked, I would be embarassed to say “I work at…”

However, all the cool domain names were taken… all the (somehow) cool names we came up were all unavailable. At the end, I realized having a 3 letter domain name was like having treasure. Yes, it doesn’t really reflect our service or our soul and that still bothers me, but it was just too hard to find an easy to remember, short, cool, available domain name. John wrote an excellent article about this (the very first post), and our journey will continue i’m sure 🙂

I want a background layout! But I don’t know how to put iit!

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People love their Dogs! JDPower ranks #1 in user

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