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Searching together.. the top keyword project

Posted on: October 8, 2006

Here’s an experiment/challenge for us all… let’s try to get comments and votes on results for to the top 500 most-searched keywords…

A quick and dirty experiment….

We’ll start by together searching on keywords from two list: One list pulls the top 300 keyword queries from and the other has the top 200 keyword queries from an old but cool list of top searches from other meta search sites. I put the list on a wiki page that we can use to manage the process. I’ve randomized the list orders, but included a rough relative rank. Just visit the list and start searching and commenting wherever you feel you’ve got good insights to share!

I’ll refresh this blog post frequently with updates…definitely send us comments/suggestions on the best way to open-source this project! But, to start,

Get started here!

Why try? We can prove that we can build this community, and we will make URL better for the average keyword search. Ever since we began working on the searching together vision, Chao and I have been struggling with what we call “the convergence challenge”. The challenge is this: it is statistically rare that multiple users will search the same keyword (according to google, over 50% of daily queries are unique) and therefore it is tough to bring together a community – even just a handful of users – to collaborate on a keyword-by-keyword basis. But, if we can tackle the top keywords (known to some as the fat head) we’ll actually take a big first bite off the challenge. If this works, we can expand it to include many more top keywords from!


3 Responses to "Searching together.. the top keyword project"

Please, let me suggest that the experimental procedure be re-explained in a more lucid fashion. Perhaps, the subdivisions of aim, procedure, conjecture (i.e. a reason to compel the user to do this for you), and hoped-for conclusion may help. As it currently is, the descriptive nature of the experiment is vague and typical users are prone to veer from your intended purpose.


When editing the Top Keyword project, please move completed entries to the bottom… It makes it easier to determine what still needs to be done.


Good enough for me

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