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Are we still making you log in all the time?

Posted on: September 12, 2006

Once you log in to, we remember your password until you logout.

Well, that’s the theory anyway. Several users have been raising the issue that the “remember my password” feature isn’t working for them. I think I’ve found the scenario where this may be happening:

If you’re logged in to our service from two different urls e.g.
our super duper secret url 😉 and our earlier staging site url, it’s only going to
remember your password for the most recent url.

When we mentioned our new url, the Firefox search plugin was still pointing to the old one. So, this may have been have caused the bug.

Anyway, the search plugin should now be updated to the new secret url, so hopefully this bug won’t show up again.

Hopefully, we’ll be moving to one URL (pun intended) soon. But do let us know if you’re still being logged off unexpectedly (the more details the better)


4 Responses to "Are we still making you log in all the time?"

still being logged out…and at times the search seems to freeze..

still being logged out…and at times the search seems to freeze..getting a 504 gateway error

st.thomas, are you using the firefox search plugin? if so, when you use it, does it bring you to the clipclip url? could you describe the steps to duplicate the bug?


not using firefox, using IE – am staying logged in now so thats not a problem anymore

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